Brandon Howard 

running in Ward 5

for Hopewell City Council




I'm a long time citizen of Hopewell

As a active member of the City of Hopwell I will do my best to bring back accountability, transparency and fairness to the Hopewell City Council. Changes need to be made and I am not afraid to take on those challenges.

Elect Brandon Howard
for Hopewell City Council -
Ward 5 on November 3rd, 2020

Getting our city back on a path of fiscal responsibility is one of my goals.

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Dear Friends, 

I am running for City Council because we need to stop the liberal policies that our current Council is putting in place. We the people of Hopewell can no long afford to keep going down this road of despair spiraling out of control by the polices our current Council is putting in place. We must stop our elected officers from picking and choosing winners and losers in business at all levels of government that means here in the City of Hopewell. We are a free market and a non-socialistic economy. We need CONSERVATISM, RESPONSIBILITY, and REASON on City Council. If you agree I am your Candidate! 

I as a City Councilor will never promise any citizen I can give you anything because I will be but one vote of seven. If any candidates tells you otherwise they are lying to your face and you the citizen should call that person on it. 

I hope I can count on your vote. 


Brandon Howard 

Final Campaign Event and Gun Giveaway

Date: Saturday Oct 17th
Time: Noon to 3pm

New Location:
WHAP Radio
150 Mesa Drive
Hopewell, VA 23860

Final Gun Giveaway - 2pm
Donate online or at the event to enter final giveaway.

Free hot dogs, chips and soda for lunch.
Come out and support Brandon in the final days of the campaign.

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