I have lived a life of public service. From the time I graduated from Pensacola High School, Pensacola FL, 1994 until today. I joined the U.S. Army Infantry in 1994 and severed with honor and distinction until 2005. I spent most of my time in the Army station in Germany. I was deployed to the Balkans mutable times in support of the U.S. mission there. After leaving the Army I became a Civil Servant for the U.S. Government training our next generation of soldiers for the Army. As a civil servant, I was assigned to posting here in Virginia, Georgia, and abroad in The Netherlands, Germany, and Romania. When my Job brought me to Hopewell in 2011, I decided that I would make Hopewell my home. As a lifelong Republican, I became a member of the Hopewell Republican Committee (HRC) 2011. In 2013 when the Chairman HRC resigned, I was appointed as the Chairman of the Committee. I finished the rest of my predecessor's term and was reelected as chairman in in 2014 and then again in 2016 where I still serve the Republicans of Hopewell today. 

My Commitment to the Citizen. As a City Councilor, I will never promise any citizen I can give you anything because I will be but one vote of seven Councilors. What I can promise you is that I will I will never compromise my principles for someone else's politics. You the citizen will now how I will vote on every issue before hand. I am a conservative, and will always follow my conservative principles when voting. 

I am running for City Council because we need to stop the liberal policies that our current Council is putting in place. We the people of Hopewell can no long afford to keep going down this road of despair spiraling out of control by the polices our current Council is putting in place. We must stop our elected officers from picking and choosing winners and losers in business at all levels of government that means here in the City of Hopewell. We are a free market and a socialistic economy. We need CONSERVATISM, RESPONSIBILITY, and REASON on City Council. If you agree I am your Candidate! 

Authorized and Paid for By Brandon Howard for Hopewell City Council