Gun Giveaway Goal 200
Currently at 18

Winner of the AR-15
from Liberty Firearms
Bryan Rinn

Contributions to Brandon Howard for Hopewell City Council

I am randomly gifting this Panzer AR, Magazine feed, semiautomatic 12 gauge shotgun that comes with 2 five round magazines, sights and other accessories to one of my supports. The first 200 supports who donate $25.00 or more to my Campaign will be among those eligible to be gifted this handgun. After the 200th donation of $25.00 or more is received I will random select who will be gifted the Tarus 1911. The one selected will be contacted and will have to pass a back ground check at U.S. Gunworx in Hopewell. I will announce who is selected on my website and on Facebook. Help me turn Hopewell Red in 2020! Elect Brandon Howard Hopewell City Council 2020.

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if so put N/A in all fields; then click on the Donate button.


Virgnia law requires all candidate campaign committees to maintain a record of the name, mailing address, occupation information (includes type of work, employer and principal place of business) for each individual who contributes to our campaign. Your information will not be reported if your cumulative contribution is $100 or less for this campaign.

"A donation is not require to become eligible for this giveaway. If you are unable to donate, please mail a letter in a yellow 6x9 clasp envelope to Brandon Howard for City Council, 809 North Ave, Hopewell, VA 23860 with the subject line of letter "Raffle Entry" must include your full name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth, and be able to pass required background checks as prescribe by law. Letter must be received exactly as stated before the 200th donation has been received closing the giveaway or entry is void. Postmark does not govern." Giveaway Rules

Authorized and Paid for By Brandon Howard for Hopewell City Council